Keepers of Intheris Patch Notes v0.0.0.3, 31 March 2017

New Features

1)     Patch Notes!

Updates will now have patch notes so you can learn about the changes implemented.

2)     New Spawning System

We have reworked the way heroes spawn at the start of the battle. With the new system both players will be able to spawn at the same time. This will significantly reduce the time it takes to start a match. This also helped us to overcome some errors that would lead to clients being out of synch or that prevented the game from starting due to overlapping game timers.

With the new system, each player will decide in which tile each of their heroes will spawn. The first ability of each hero is automatically filled according to the currently active preset of each hero. You can change the first ability to unlock by pressing the ability and choosing a different ability to unlock.

You can watch the updated tutorial for Entering and Returning to the Battle on our Youtube channel

3)       Video Tutorials

Become a Keeper in 10 minutes! We created video tutorials for Keepers of Intheris so that you can quickly learn or show your friends how to play. You can watch all the video tutorials on our Youtube channel.

4)       Audio

a.      Atmosphere audio channel Fader

A new audio channel fader was added to the settings menu that controls the volume for the Atmosphere. This track was previously embedded into the Ambience audio channel.

Keep in mind that this new channel is a child of the Ambience sound channel so when you lower/mute the volume of the Ambience audio channel you will lower/mute the volume of the Atmosphere channel but NOT the other way around.

b.      In game Sound Cues

Sound effect (SFX) cues will now trigger on certain in game events. These cues are divided into several “layers” of varying priority (peak loudness).

Sound queues are currently divided into three layers:

  • Layer 1 (Loudest) – SFX on this layer are triggered when you have to provide input to the game;
  • Layer 2 (middle) – SFX on this layer are triggered when your opponent performs an action;
  • Layer 3 (softest) – SFX on this layer are triggered when you perform an action.

5)     More graphics settings

You can now turn off the Ambient occlusion effect on the graphics settings menu. Doing this will improve your frame rate (FPS – frames per second).


1)     Characters

  • The 3D model for Lipp has been updated.

2)     Cancel Timers

You can now dismiss the element tribute and counter timers.

  • The elemental tribute timer will now immediately end if both players dismiss it.

Bug Fixes

This is where we would put a detailed list of all bugs we fixed… If we had one!

Now seriously, we fixed many bugs! Sadly, we’re still learning and it’s been difficult to keep track of every bug we squashed!

On the next update we will have a detailed code bug obituary!